3 Hassle-Free Methods to Send Money to Your Family

Do you need to send money quickly to your family? You have come to the right place! This article discusses the easiest way to transfer cash to your loved ones. And the best part about it is that you don’t even need a bank account to do it.

Sending payments to a foreign bank and to credit or debit card prices can be costly unless you use the right payment provider, which, in this case, would be Paxum. After all, paying extra for something as simple as sending money is more than a hassle. So, here’s how to do it stress-free!

  1. Mobile wallets

Your first option should be a mobile wallet. This innovative technology lets you send someone money even if neither of you has bank accounts. As a result, it is an excellent alternative in emergencies or when there is no technological bridge between you and the receiver.

Mobile wallets are secure online platforms that help process money transfers between individuals. These services are easy to use, and almost anyone with a smartphone can install them in seconds. Furthermore, most mobile wallets are free to use or imply low costs for most transactions.

Alternatively, you can connect your debit or credit cards to your mobile wallet. So, if you still like sending money to your family the traditional way, you have an option to do it.

Lastly, mobile wallets support almost instant money transfers. This means that you could send money to your friends and family in seconds and help them solve critical situations. The only thing that you will need to ensure is that both you and the receiver use the same mobile wallet to avoid paying extra fees.

Magnifying glass with money.
  1. Money orders

The following hassle-free method of sending money to your family is as close as mailing cash. More precisely, this option involves you buying money orders and sending them to someone else. The best part about it is that you and the receiver don’t need a bank account.

You can send money orders by first buying them from a post office. Banks may also issue these services, but they might ask you to pay a fee. On the other hand, purchasing money orders from the postal services should be free.

Once you purchase the desired amount, send it as a money order to your family. When they receive it, they will be able to access the funds after confirming their identity. This process is safe and prevents you from mailing actual cash, which can get lost in the mail.

Unfortunately, sending money orders is slow, especially with international money transfers. So, make sure that you resort to this option only when the receiver is not in a hurry to receive the funds.

  1. Pre-Paid Debit Cards

Lastly, another hassle-free way of sending money to your loved ones involves using pre-paid debit cards. You can purchase these cards online, and you don’t need a bank account to use them. On the contrary, you will only have to pay a small fee to activate them.

One of the benefits of using pre-paid debit cards is that you can reload them several times. So, if you wish to send money to your family periodically, you can use these cards as a means of money transfer. Just make sure you read the terms on transaction fees before sending funds.